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I love to read. Probably you do too. After all, here you are at my website, and I’m glad that you stopped by. Here, have a cup of coffee. But it’ll have to be a metaphorical cup—the way to send coffee through cyber space hasn’t been invented yet.

You probably like stories. Reading them, telling them, making them up. Me too.

Besides my novels, I write an occasional blog when I have something to say. I hope you’ll read some of these. I promise they won’t be political. I rarely talk politics with friends. I’m sure you have things to say too, and I’d like to hear them.
And thanks again for stopping by. Say, how’s the coffee?



A Nice Start in L.A.

A Nice Start in L.A.

I’ve always enjoyed book signings. At a recent highly successful one at a Barnes & Noble in Manhattan Beach, California, I had a pleasant conversation with Terry Dillon, a man originally from Chicago…

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